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Pairings Greco to Barbaresco

Kir Royale Abricot

Tricolor heirloom tomato salad, crispy prosciutto and fig soup, Danish Smorrebrod of smoked salmon, melon with vanilla-salt.

Greco di Tufo 2007 "Cutizzi" from Feudo di San Gregorio

San Francisco Chinatown Noodle Soup

Barbera Ca Di Pian 2006 from La Spinetta

Pasta al Ragu

Voiella fusilli pasta. Neapolitan sauce (vine ripened coeur-de-boeuf tomatos peeled and seeded slow simmered with garlic, fresh basil and olive oil) combined with a reduction of homemade ground italian sausage (porc and veal) topped with Grana cheese from Emilia-Romagna and "Primo" olive oil from Frantoi Cutrera at Monte Lauro in the Monti Iblei region of Sicily.

Barberesco La Gallina 1996 from La Spinetta

Costeleta di Maiale Tartufato

marinated grilled porc cutlets in truffle sauce with an apple-truffle puree, slow roasted root vegetables (turnips, potatoes, carrottes des sables) in a beef-stock bone marrow reduction

Passito di Pantelaria 2003

Cheese: Blue Cheese Paté

Bleu d'Auvergne et Bleu des Causses, olive oil, dates, apricots, sultana raisins , dried cranberries and cashews

Gaillac 1983 Vin de l'Oubli

Dessert: Trio de désserts

coconut lemon cream blintzes, honey-sweetened ricotta stuffed dates, semisweet red velvet cake (chocolate-beetroot) in a spicy-cinnamon-pepper-strawberry sauce.

Café: vanilla tea from Mauritius with Lebanese pastries from Taj Al Moulouk pastry shop in Beirut

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