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Rooftop Champagne Paris NOW!

Generally I’ve a reputation as a friendly curmudgeon. A tendency to be not just immune to—but often irritated by—things generating more buzz than their actual substance probably merits can really underscore that character trait . The endless “last minute”, no reservations, cool-kid, you’ve-got-to-go-while-it-lasts, this-way-to-the-egress places almost always leave me feeling that the emperor should be actually wearing some of the clothes on his person that the paparazzi are raving about…. But sometimes things are just so cool you can’t help but like them anyway.

This weekend there’s a pop-up Perrier-Jouët rooftop event that is just cool. It isn’t an open bar. The temporary restaurant by Akrame will set you back a little. The name is really silly. The nightlife club event with Kitsune looks a bit zany. The Belle Époque is only available by the bottle. But the price per glass of the Brut and the Blanc de blancs aren’t bad and the space is really funky. Fairy-tale decor with a rooftop deck and immersive floral video.


9 rue Forest Paris 18 Place de Clichy

Some more pictures:

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